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10 Instagram Accounts For Plant Lovers

Whether you’re a full-on plant person or a gardening newbie, Instagram is full of cool house plants serving up inspiration for your own home. From tips for keeping plants alive to new or unusual plant varieties, Instagram has it all! Here are 10 must-follow Instagram accounts full of cool house plants for your viewing pleasure.

1. @iplanteven

This is Apartment Therapy’s dedicated plant account. Known for sharing plant tips and “ask us anything” posts, this is a great account for new plant lovers who are eager to learn how to best care for their house plants.


2. @hiltoncarter

Hilton Carter, also referred to as “the plant doctor,” makes lots of appearances on @iplanteven but also shares tips and tricks in his own feed. The finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of his specialties!


3. @shopterrain

If you love to scroll through beautiful plant imagery, give this account a follow. With four physical Terrain shop locations and a feed that’s overflowing with cool house plants for home and garden inspiration, Shop Terrain offers an “experience for the senses.”


4. @houseplantclub

This account describes itself as “the community for house plant enthusiasts.” The feed is full of beautiful user-generated content and favors simplistic imagery. They love highlighting their followers, so be sure to tag #houseplantclub for a chance to be featured!


5. @farmgirlflowers

This popular floral delivery service has an Instagram account full of gorgeous blooms. Watch its stories to learn a thing or two about your favorite flowers or get inspiration for creating your own arrangements of cool house plants from their beautiful bouquets.


6. @tulahouse

Tula House is a New York City plant shop. Known for its moody plant photography, it’s easy to lose track of time scrolling through this feed.


7. @oberryssucculents

If succulents are your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out this account full of cool house plants of the succulent variety. Aside from a beautiful feed, O’Berry’s Succulents offers pop-up shops, floral services, workshops, and more.


8. @smartplantapp

As the name suggests, this account stems (pun intended) from the Smart Plant App — a smartphone app that’s full of tips and tricks for plant lovers. Smart Plant’s robust Instagram account is full of helpful info, too!


9. @thepottedjungle

This self-described San-Diego based “plantaholic” shares imagery of cool house plants from some of her favorite Instagrammers. The cohesive green-on-white color scheme of her feed is almost hypnotizing!


10. @stringandbloom

This London-based, Canada-born plant lover talks a lot about propagating — the process of growing a new plant from a leaf of an existing plant. With a little patience and dedication, propagating plants is an inexpensive way to add to your collection of cool house plants.