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Tips For Throwing A New Year's Eve Party On A Budget

Tips for Throwing a New Year’s Eve Party on a Budget

If you’re prepping for the big countdown to next year, looking to throw an unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party, and wanting to keep your party budget small, then we have great news: It’s possible to do all three! Here are a few party budget tips for your New Year’s Eve party.

Shop at Warehouse Stores

Warehouse stores often sell high quality products at better prices that you could get at your average grocery store or other retailer. Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Warehouse are a few stores that have locations around the U.S. You do need to have a membership (but that’s also something you can use for deals all year round). Many retailers like this have great deals on flowers, too, so you can add decorations to your party both cheaply and easily. Also, check out their store brands: Costco’s Kirkland brands offer great deals on everything from coffee to vodka (and the vodka is pretty good, plus you get a big bottle of it that can be perfect for making a signature celebratory cocktail). Retailers like this also usually have many premade frozen appetizers and desserts that are affordable and delicious — and can help you avoid spending extra time in the kitchen prepping food.

Shop After-Christmas Sales

Many holiday-themed items will be heavily discounted the day after Christmas, and you can usually snag some silver, gold, or sparkly décor and serve ware at lower prices. When you have a little more time to plan, it’s also a good idea to stock up throughout the year on various party supplies like napkins, plates, cups, and silverware so that you don’t have to buy small quantities of everything for each gathering you host throughout the year

Also, if you’ve waited until the last minute to figure out your holiday party attire, you can catch some after-Christmas sales at major retailers to find that special outfit. Consider reinventing holiday party outfits by adding a different blazer or coat, or a statement necklace that’s already in your jewelry box.

Reuse Decorations

It’s easy to extend the life of your holiday decorations and make them work for a New Year’s Eve party theme, because you might just have to make slight tweaks or add some glitter or sparkle. In any event, there’s no need to buy all new things. If you celebrated a holiday dinner with your family and have leftover table decorations, try to find a way to reuse them.

Make Use of Any Holiday Gift Cards

It might not seem like the most fun thing to buy, but if you have holiday gift cards from Target, Amazon, or even generic Visa or Amex cards, you can put then towards party supplies and food (and avoid spending your own money). Even restaurant gift cards could be applied to catering or to-go that helps supplement your party menu.

You can plan a fun New Year’s Eve party without breaking the bank, because the last thing you want is to rack up credit card debt for a night to ring in the New Year!