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Furniture On A Budget

Furniture On A Budget: How To Find Furniture For Less

Buying a new home comes with a lot of expenses — and furnishing it is no exception. If you’re moving into your first home, it can be overwhelming! Here are five tips and tricks for buying furniture on a budget, finding décor and furniture for less, and furnishing your new home at a cost that works for you.

1. Scout At Estate Sales
Seeking out weekend estate sales is a great way to find high-quality pieces at a fraction of the price. You can often make an offer on a piece at an estate sale, and if it doesn’t sell by the end of the weekend, you can pay less for it than the original asking price.

2. Buy Floor Samples
Buying a piece of furniture that was on display in a store is a great way to pay less for something you like. It might have a small scratch or a ding, but if it’s not noticeable, it’s unlikely that those little imperfections will bother you once it’s in your home. (Another bonus is that it’s already assembled!)

3. Shop Holiday Sales
The winter holidays do bring discount deals from your favorite furniture retailers, but don’t forget about other holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or President’s Day. These are great times to get a sizable discount on furniture.

4. Spruce Pieces Up With DIYs
Switching out hardware, adding new legs to an inexpensive sofa, or painting a wooden piece of furniture are all easy, cost-effective ways to make furniture that you bought for less look more polished.

5. Buy As You Go
Don’t feel like you have to furnish your entire home all at once. Instead, buy items as you can and work with what you have. This can be a much better approach than buying items you don’t love just because they are cheap and want to have something in your space. Try to think long-term!