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Don't Make These 5 Homebuilding Mistakes

Don’t Make These 5 Homebuilding Mistakes

Maybe you’ve been house hunting for years and haven’t been able to find the house that’s just right, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to build your own home from the ground up. Either way, building a home is an exciting adventure in homeownership! As with any home project, you’re probably going to run into a few hiccups along the way. But just because others have learned the lesson the hard way doesn’t mean that you have to! Here are 5 common mistakes many homeowners make when building a house — and how to avoid them yourself.

1. Acting As A Contractor

You’ve likely heard that you can save money by acting as the general contractor for your home build, but this likely isn’t exactly true. Sure, the contractor you hire will take a cut — but they will also probably save you time and money in the long-run. A trusted and reliable general contractor has two key things you don’t have: experience and relationships. Trust us on this one and consider hiring a professional.

2. Not Having A Detailed Contract In Place

This may seem like a no-brainer, but before you break ground, make sure you have a clear and defined contract in place with your contractor. Have your contract reviewed by a lawyer and make sure it includes costs and completion dates, as well as agreements for any unexpected issues that may arise.

 3. Skipping The Inspection

Many homeowners might believe that new construction wouldn’t require an inspection — and maybe it shouldn’t, but it does. Warranties aren’t sufficient enough when it comes to building a new home. Hire a trusted and reliable professional to give your house a thorough inspection before you move in.

 4. Using Plans That Don’t Fit The Lot

Having good plans is an important part of building a house, but it’s equally important that the plans make sense for the specific lot being built on. If your lot slopes or is prone to flooding, your house plans should reflect it.

 5. Not Considering How Long The Home Will Be Lived In

When you build a home, it’s easy to have tunnel vision and only think about your family’s current needs. But if you’re building your dream home and you will likely be there for a while, be sure to take into account the needs you’ll have as you age. Design and plan for a home that can grow with you — and a home you’ll be able to stay in for many years to come.