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A Checklist for Home Maintenance That You Can Use This Spring

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Winter weather can do a lot of damage to your home and yard. The combination of snow, ice, wind, and cooler temperatures can be a challenge for homeowners, but we’ve rounded up a few tips to help get your home ready for the warmer seasons ahead. Here’s a handy checklist for home maintenance that you can use when warmer weather is on its way.

  • Check The Gutters
    Leaves and debris can be tough on your gutters, and you’ll want those gutters to be in their best possible shape before the rainy spring season sets in. When you feel like the crazy winter weather is behind you, check the gutters for damage and make sure they are in proper working order.
  • Examine The Roof
    Winter weather can also be tough on the roof. Give yours a good inspection, and look out for damaged or missing shingles and while paying careful attention to areas that surround vents, chimneys, and skylights. If you see any areas that could cause potential problems, consider hiring an experienced professional to conduct a thorough roof inspection.
  • Examine The Outside Faucets
    As spring draws closer, it’s important to check your outside faucets for leaks; a leaky spigot can waste a lot of water. If you shut off the supply for winter, make sure to re-open the water shutoff valve as soon as winter weather has passed.
  • Service The AC
    Before you need to turn on your air conditioner, it’s wise to have your unit serviced. If there are any issues, an early diagnosis could give you a little more time (and cooler weather conditions) to get the problem resolved before the temperatures rise.
  • Replace The Filters
    Depending on the type of filters you have, they likely need to be replaced every three to six months. And even if you replaced them in the fall, they’re probably be due for another replacement. Think around your house: water filters, air vent filters, and range hood.
  • Power Wash Outdoors
    When the winter weather has come to an end and before you arrange your patio furniture and plants, give the patio and porch a good cleaning with a power washer.
  • Clean The Ceiling Fans
    The blades of ceiling fans are a trap for dust and allergens, so make sure you thoroughly clean your ceiling fans when you deep-clean your home. Be sure to lay a tarp or drop cloth down before you start cleaning, since you won’t want the dust to land on your bed, couch, or carpets.
  • Clean The Baseboards
    Cooler weather makes for a great occasion to give those dusty, dirty baseboards a good scrubbing. And if you complete this task earlier in the year, it’s one less thing you’ll have to do during spring cleaning!
  • Plan Out Gardening & Landscaping
    It might be too early to start planting flowers and shrubs, but it’s never too early to start planning. Come up with a plan for your spring gardens so that when the time comes, you have a clear vision in mind and an idea of how much you’ll need when you go to buy various plants and flowers. Planning early could also help you budget more effectively! 
  • Repair Damaged Window Screens
    If you notice damaged screens on your windows, it’s time to either repair or replace them so that you can enjoy the spring breeze when it comes. If the tears are small enough, you might be able to use tweezers and superglue or a small patch for repairs. If the tears are larger, you may consider replacing the screen all together.