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Yard Sale Tips

10 Tips For Hosting A Successful Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to de-clutter your home while also making a little money that can be invested in home projects or spent on other items you might need. Yard sales can also be a lot of work, but they are often a great way to turn your previously loved clutter into cash. Here are 10 yard sale tips that you can use to host a successful yard sale.

1. Start Early
When it comes to yard sales, the early bird tends to get the worm. Frequent yard sale shoppers like to arrive bright and early on the first day of the sale, so be prepared for the early crowd. Consider starting your sale on Friday morning and extending it to Sunday (only if you still have merchandise left).

2. Invite Other Families
If you have the space for it, the more, the merrier! Having a multi-family yard sale is a great way to attract buyers you might not attract on your own — just make sure to communicate with each other and have a plan for keeping things organized.

3. Be Prepared
Before the sale, make sure you have everything you need, including cash (lots of smaller bills to make change), price tags or stickers, a pad of paper, and a calculator. If there are multiple families hosting the sale, make sure you have a color-coded price tag system in place so that you can easily sort earnings at the end of the sale.

4. Use Your Social Network
Here’s a favorite yard sale tip: Social media is a great way to spread the word before the day of the sale. Post a few pictures of some of your “hot” items with information on the location, date, and time of your yard sale, and you’ll likely be surprised by how many people your post will attract — and how many show up. You might even attract interest in a few things before the sale officially starts, if you’re open to selling or taking reservations over social media.

5. Get Necessary Permits
Many cities require permits to host a yard sale, and you can find out about where you live by checking with a clerk at your City Hall (or on your local government websites). You might also want to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions against yard sales in your neighborhood, since the last thing you want is to get shut down after putting in a bunch of time and effort.

6. Advertise
Aside from social media, advertise your sale. In high traffic areas, a tried-and-true handwritten sign still goes a long way in getting the word out. You can also post a free ad on Craigslist or NextDoor or whatever app is most popular in your area, which will attract shoppers, too.

7. Get Organized
Spend some time thinking about where different items should go in relation to each other, and how to best organize your merchandise so that there’s an appropriate traffic flow of shoppers. You’ll want to make sure you have enough clothing racks, tables, and baskets to display your items, too.

8. Reduce Prices
The last thing you want is to end up with a lot of unsold merchandise at the end of your yard sale, so plan to reduce your prices on the last day — or if you’re hosting a one-day sale, during its later hours. Many yard sale hosts even decide to offer items up for free when the sale is coming to an end.

9. Price Items To Sell
Yard sales are not the time to be emotionally attached to your belongings to a point where you associate them with the same price you originally paid. People who frequent yard sales expect the prices to be low, so keep that in mind when pricing your items — even the ones that have meant a lot to you.

10. Visit Other Yard Sales
To get an idea of what your yard sale will be like, visit others in your neighborhood. Take note of what is selling quickly, how they have the merchandise displayed, and any other items of note that you think you could use or learn from for your own yard sale. And don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions! You can learn a lot from the successes (and mistakes) of others, and experienced sellers probably have even more yard sale tips you can use.