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The Price Of Remodeling Multiple Rooms By State

Make no mistake — remodeling a house is a major investment, especially if you plan to remodel multiple rooms. But the upside of remodeling, of course, is that it could add value to your home. And depending where you live, the price of remodeling a house might be more affordable than you think.

The national average cost of remodeling multiple rooms in the United States is $41,845. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • Kitchen remodels remain the most expensive renovation, at a national average of $20,474.
  • Basement remodels aren’t far behind, averaging at $18,711.
  • Bathroom remodels can vary depending on size and materials, but the national average sits between $6,000 and $14,000.

So, is the area where you live more or less expensive than the national average? Here’s a state-by-state breakdown, with averages based on the price of remodeling a house in the largest city in each state (when data is available). To get an estimated remodeling cost for your specific ZIP code, try this calculator.

Birmingham, AL: $39,000

Anchorage, AK: No data available

Phoenix, AZ: $33,897

Little Rock, AR: $28,580

Los Angeles, CA: $75,352

Denver, CO: $30, 996

Bridgeport, CT: $72,429

Wilmington, DE: $34,774

Jacksonville, FL: $31,916

Atlanta, GA: $34,726

Honolulu, HI: $41,903

Boise, ID: $28,678

Chicago, IL: $39,497

Indianapolis, IN: $26,551

Des Moines, IA: $12,100

Wichita, KS: $25,754

Louisville, KY: $17,669

New Orleans, LA: $48,011

Portland, ME: $16,125

Baltimore, MD: $54,098

Boston, MA: $39,927

Detroit, MI: $36,551

Minneapolis, MN: $46,998

Jackson, MS: $41,525

Kansas City, MO: $22,737

Billings, MT:
Not enough data to report

Omaha, NE: $37,270

Las Vegas, NV: $36,917

Manchester, NH: $34,500

Newark, NJ: $52,565

Albuquerque, NM: $41,640

New York City, NY: $52,565

Charlotte, NC: $45,727

Fargo, ND:
Not enough data to report

Columbus, OH: $48,222

Oklahoma City, OK: $14,361

Portland, OR: $39,012

Philadelphia, PA: $34,774

Providence, RI: $25,156

Charleston, SC: $47,982

Sioux Falls, SD:
Not enough data to report

Nashville, TN: $28,915

Houston, TX: $27,819

Salt Lake City, UT: $28,982

Burlington, VT:
Not enough data to report

Virginia Beach, VA: $28,066

Seattle, WA: $39,982

Charleston, WV: $46,595

Milwaukee, WI: $32,702

Cheyenne, WY:
Not enough data to report