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Mr. Cooper Attended FinCon18 (And Here’s Why We’ll Be Back)

We just had our first ever FinCon experience and wow, are we speechless (and not just because we lost our voices talking to so many great new people). Last week, Mr. Cooper attended the FinCon conference in Orlando, Florida. There are a million things we learned from this experience, but if you asked us to sum it up in one sentence: These people are an awesome community, and now, we totally understand why!

So, What is FinCon?

Founded in 2011 as the Financial Blogger Conference, FinCon has expanded to “include all of the most influential digital and social content creators in the personal financial space.” Yes, FinCon is a conference, but more importantly, FinCon is a community of money nerds.

Not only did we get to share Mr. Cooper’s mission and core values, but our team also came home knowing that we just became part of something bigger than ourselves. Here are a few of the highlights from our first FinCon experience.


We kicked things off with Pro-Networking meetings — think of it as speed dating for money nerds. We held a series of 10-minute meetings and chatted with people from all different spectrums of the community: Bankrate and SuperMoney, Joshua Becker from Simple Money Magazine, Podcaster Sarah Li Caine of Beyond the Dollar, and independent/freelance bloggers like Ellen Sirull and Sonya Smith-Valentine. We had just 10 minutes to forge a connection, find out a little bit about each other, and discuss ideas for potential partnerships that could be mutually beneficial.

FinCon Central

Mr. Cooper sponsored a booth in FinCon Central, and our team conducted close to 100 live app demos of Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence. We got overwhelmingly positive feedback about the app’s ease of use, simplicity, and transparency (and people particularly enjoyed seeing pro’s and con’s of the refinance process).

Mr. Cooper Meet & Greet

On Friday evening, our Chief Communications Officer Kelly Ann Doherty and Senior Vice President of Brand Greg Goyne joined us to host a Meet & Greet event. We put one of our favorite company initiatives, the Artists in Residence program, in action and featured a live art installation by its curator, the talented Lesli Marshall. It was a packed house, with influential members of the FinCon community mixing and mingling with our Mr. Cooper team. And as much as the team had planned and prepped down to every last detail, that night far exceeded any of our expectations.

Next year, FinCon19 is headed to Washington D.C. — and all of us here at Mr. Cooper can assure you: We can’t wait! To every one of you we met (and to those we may have missed but will see next year): Thank you for welcoming us into the family! This is what community is all about.