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Considering A Kitchen Remodel? Read These Tips First.

It’s often said that kitchens are the heart of the home — but remodeling a kitchen can be quite a big undertaking. According to Houzz, the average kitchen remodel could set you back $42,000. But would that big investment on a kitchen remodel improve your quality of life? Some say yes, it could.

Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen Trends Study revealed that one-third of homeowners with recently renovated kitchens reported they are leading healthier lives post-reno — largely because these homeowners are cooking more often at home (41 percent), ordering takeout less often (34 percent), and increasing their intake of fruits and veggies (26 percent). Seventy-six percent of those surveyed reported that they now cook five or more meals at home on a weekly basis. Twenty-nine percent of homeowners with renovated kitchens reported that they eat more sit-down meals with their families, which means that on-the-go dinners are fewer and further between.

For others, the benefits of a kitchen remodel extend even farther. Forty-nine percent of homeowners reported they now spend more time together as a family — and open floorplans could be a contributing factor. Homeowners said in the Houzz study that 51 percent of remodeled kitchens open to other rooms, making it easier than ever before to interact with family members (even while participating in separate activities).

And if there is one thing we know for sure about kitchen remodels it’s this: A newly renovated kitchen inspires entertaining. Forty percent of homeowners reported that they entertain more after remodeling their kitchens.

What’s more: Nearly one-third of homeowners surveyed report working from home more often after their kitchen remodel. Perhaps it’s the additional countertop space that makes working from home easier.

So if you’re considering a kitchen remodel but have been needing a little nudge, consider these upsides. After all, you might find it’s worth the time and investment!