William S.

Recently I completed the process of re-financing my mortgage with Mr. Cooper. During this time, I had some obstacles to contend with regarding the house in order for the new loan to be approved. Throughout my loan process, and the issues I had to fix with my house, both Theresa and Stephanie were instrumental in making this “experience” manageable and most of all “painless”. During this time, both ladies answered all my questions professionally, returned my phone calls in a timely manner, guided me through the steps that needed to be completed, and most of all worked with my loan application to get me the best rate and outcome possible. They kept in constant contact with me, sometimes two or three times a week, updating me on the process or checking in on the status of my repairs. They understood the financial situation I was in and guided me towards the best solution possible, saving me hundreds of dollars on my mortgage and paying down some bills. But what really stood out was how they interacted with me. They were kind, caring and compassionate to me and my family. They listened to me “vent” when needed and treated me like I was their number one priority. With that said, Mr. Cooper should be proud to have employees like Theresa and Stephanie. It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope that your company gives these two ladies the accolades and credit they deserve.