Tina & Edward B.

My name is Tina. I would like to formally thank Frank and James for the speedy handling and processing of our Mortgage. I called Mr. Cooper to discuss refinancing our interest rate. I spoke to Frank. A few days later, I decided not to refinance. I feared of being told we didn’t have enough equity. I was told this two times during my last two attempts. Frank convinced me to continue by explaining the benefits of the refinance other than a reduced interest rate. I am so grateful to him for finding a loan that works for my family and I. In addition, whenever I called him, he was available most of the times. I didn’t have to leave a message and wait for him to call back. I appreciate that! I want to thank James for processing our new home loan so quickly. He assisted my husband in creating the account and signing the necessary documents I couldn’t figure out. He kept me informed all the way. I didn’t have to go to the website to see the progression of the loan. He sent out daily email(s) that kept me informed. He was even able to advance the initial closing date I was given. I had an incredible experience with Mr. Cooper and your website is “the bomb!” I look forward to all the resources you offer your clients.