Sarin E.

I just want to say thank you so much for answering my phone call that day to discuss my loan and let me know other options for debt consolidation. A simple phone call turned into new hope for my family. I had been praying every night asking God to bless us with financial stability. I believe things happened for a reason. That phone call changed our financial burdens. It gave me hope to start saving money again and live comfortably within our budget. We live from pay check to pay check and can’t move ahead because of too many credit card debts, mortgage, utility bills, school/sports expenses and hospital bills. After most of the credit cards were paid off, we already managed to set extra money aside and some to pay future bills. I know we are starting all over again by refinancing our mortgage for 30 year terms with a little bit higher rate, but we believe we made the right decision to fit our need for now. We can always start paying more toward the principle after everything is caught up with hospital bills. Maybe one day we can refinance again for a lower rate and lower monthly payment if interest rates drop lower in the future. I have learned my lesson about credit card debts. Stay away! This is my second chance. I will not mess up again. Thank you and I appreciate all your help with my refinancing in a timely manner.

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