Rose G.

Dear Mr. Bray. I had to send a thank you for the excellent work and cooperation I received from Brandy. She assisted me with my escrow problem and was more than professional in helping me achieve my goal. Brandy is a gem and an employee that certainly is worthy of praise and appreciation. In my eyes she makes Mr. Cooper a lender above all others. In today’s world it is hard to get someone to listen to you much less achieve success in granting a solution to what has been an ongoing problem for me. I am grateful for the speedy help and conclusion to my request. Not to keep repeating myself, but, Brandy should be singled out for her efforts and assistance in handling problem requests with accuracy and speed. She should be acknowledged for her fine service to your company, customers, and to you. Thank you so much again I appreciate all that has been accomplished. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.