Rick V.

Hello Christopher. I don’t often take the time out to write these letters (unfortunately) but today I had to inform you about what a great experience I had this time around refinancing my home. The improvements made within the system such as Loan Tracker are very efficient and all the people I dealt with were always pleasant and got the job done. Especially my go to man Dan, can’t say enough about this guy. His personality and experience make him a true asset to your company. I run a family owned business that’s been around over 50 yrs and people like Dan are who I choose to surround myself with. There was not one problem or obstacle that I don’t think he could not handle. I’m looking for an investment property at the moment and when I find what I’m searching for I wouldn’t hesitate to use the same people, including Xuan as well she was just as efficient and pleasant as Dan. Just felt you should know I always like when customers give me their feedback.