Jane S.

While this starts out troublesome, it ends well. I have been very frustrated with Mr. Cooper as a mortgage company. Having purchased my mortgage from another lender a few years back, “escrow” has been taken from extra checks that were written and marked exclusively for additional principle payments every time I made them. (Three plus times!) About three weeks ago, I was ready to “bite my leg off” and pay additional money just to refinance with someone else. However, I had the opportunity to speak with Andre. He listened carefully to my concerns and set up a three-way conversation with the escrow department. I am now in the process of eliminating the escrow portion of my mortgage and I won’t have to refinance at all. This gentleman presented all of the options to me and honestly and sincerely explained which of them was in my best interest. Thanks to Andre, I will not have to refinance. I will be able to stay working with Mr. Cooper and pay off my mortgage in a timely and more affordable fashion. It’s nice to know that there are people with Mr. Cooper who can genuinely have your “best interests at heart.”