Dalene V.

Hi Michael. As you may remember I had a rocky start trying to get my loan refinanced. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on Mr. Cooper’s teams. You and your team are fantastic. You had Kyle get a hold of me instantly after listening to me vent/grip. Kyle was extremely professional, followed through with every single thing he said he would do, emailed me or called to make sure I didn’t have any further questions and that I was still being taken care of. I feel Kyle went above and beyond what he needed to do to figure out how he could get me refinanced, instead of telling me no or ignoring me hoping I don’t call back. Gamey as well. Once Gamey came into the picture I received the same professional, courteous, outstanding service! Both were always patient and very, very knowledgeable. What a pleasure to work with both of them. I’ll tell you Michael, if I could afford a billboard, with pride, I would put one up expressing how great Mr. Cooper is, how professional they are, caring and patient the staff is. Starting with you, Michael, and then working with Kyle and Gamey, I felt all the pressure to get this refinance done, ease from me and here I am now with my closing complete. All by myself, I didn’t have to borrow money or reach into my retirement fund. After the first hiccup (not with Kyle or Gamey) everything since was outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!! Thank you to the three of you for helping me get done what needed to get done. In such a timely professional caring and courteous manner.