Cheryl & Mickey W.

Good Morning Mrs. Douazong. Mickey and I wanted to send this note to let you know how blessed we feel to have had such an amazing person as you, who treated us from our first phone call with such pleasantness, respect, and patience. You explained the process step by step and we never felt as though there was any surprise because you had already told us what to expect and always followed up with an email. I know people have different learning styles and some read and understand, some listen and get it, but you made sure we understood the process. You never made us feel less than because of the question which some may think are stupid questions, Mrs. Douazong, we felt comfortable enough with you and trust what we were being told as you guided us from application to closing. We will forever be so grateful for you being the one to take our first phone call and to introduce us to this amazing company, Mr. Cooper and making our dream come true. We bought a home that we love, to God be the glory. You represent Mr. Cooper well and we know any potential buyer or previous buyers feel blessed that you were the Loan Officer they will have and have had to work with. Again thank you for making us feel as though we were your most special clients. May God continue to bless you and keep you and give you the desires of your heart is our prayer.