Betsy C.

I would like to share a recent outstanding experience I had with one of your employees. Her name is Dorene. I retired and wanted to pay off my loan. I had to wait to receive a payment from an IRA account, and I got it on the last day that my payment was due to Mr. Cooper. I was fortunate to get Dorene on the phone to help me, and explained that I wanted to get this payment in that day so that I would not have to pay the next months’ interest. Dorene and I had a nice chat on the phone and she said she would do everything in her power to make sure that the credit was applied that day. She promised to call me the following morning to let me know what happened, Not only did Dorene follow up the next morning, but she was so kind, and really understood what a huge accomplishment the paying off of my mortgage was to me. During our “chat” the day before, I had shared with Dorene that I had been single most of my life, and had purchased this house on my own. Dorene was so empathetic, and really understood how important this step was in my life. It was really great to have her walk me through this final step in the purchase of my house. I felt like she was a part of my celebration!