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Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Home

Looking for your dream home can be a long and arduous process. And while it’s important to be able to compromise on some of your dream home checklist items, when you do find a house that you love, you’ll wonder if it’s “the one.” This is all normal, and choosing the place where you’ll settle down is undoubtedly a big decision. But how will you know when you’ve found the right place for you? Here are 10 signs that you’ve found your dream home.

10. You have a gut feeling.
Before you see the house or the moment when you enter — that’s when you get a gut feeling about a place. It can happen within seconds of stepping through the front door, or even just from hearing about it from your realtor. Trust your intuition when viewing homes. When you know, you know.

9. You’re comfortable.
Even though the house still belongs to someone else, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease. You won’t feel like you’re in a stranger’s space; instead, you can visualize your own space and style coming together. Opening cupboards, closets, and shower curtains are signs that you feel comfortable in a house already.

8. You’re overlooking any flaws.
In your opinion, your dream house can do no wrong. Even though your realtor may be pointing out things that could potentially need to be updated or replaced, you don’t see any of these things as deal breakers. You know that plenty of things can be fixed with a little elbow grease.

7. You can’t wait to tell your friends.
Finding your dream home is like going on a really good first date; you want to tell everyone you know all about it. When you’re excited to call your friends to brag or you want to talk to your parents about possibly helping you build a backyard deck, you know you have found a home you’re excited about.

6. You stop looking at other houses.
If you don’t want to continue to view houses because none will top the home you’ve already found, then you might have found the dream home for you. It could also be time to make an offer and fill out paperwork instead of going to any more open houses

5. You don’t have any second thoughts.
Doubts and second thoughts are natural, and sometimes they can keep us from making a bad decision. But when you’ve found your dream home, you’ll probably feel fairly sure that it’s the best place for you. There are no doubts or worries; you’re in one hundred percent.

4. You’re already mentally decorating and arranging furniture.
Once you start envisioning how you’ll arrange your pieces of furniture in the living room and what colors you’re going to paint, then you’ll know it’s your house. If you start thinking about how to retile the bathroom, it’s probably about time to make an offer. Being able to envision yourself living in a new home (and liking what you see in your mind) is a very important thing.

3. You’ll be able to grow with the home.
Your dream house has everything you need — a great neighborhood, the perfect number of rooms, etc. When a house meets your basic requirements, you know you’re getting everything that is necessary for your lifestyle. Proximity to work, school, and the places you frequent most is also something to consider.

2. It checks all (or most) of your boxes.
While your basic needs cover everything you’ll actually need to live, your wants are important as well. They’re the things that you really hoped you would find in a dream home, and amenities you hope to have with your next move. You know you don’t need a home gym, but you wanted one. A fireplace was on your wish list, so was a big backyard. Being able to check all or a lot of your boxes means that you’re not missing out on things you aspired to have.

1. You feel at home.
If a house feels like home, then you know you’ll be happy living in it. You’ll walk into the house and you’ll get that gut feeling, which will then turn into a feeling of possessiveness. If you can imagine yourself living there in five to ten years, you know you’ll be happy in the long run.