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A Design Profile For Every Myers Briggs Personality Type

A Home Décor Profile for Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Often influenced by personality, mood, and likes or dislikes, home décor styles can be very personal. Many homeowners have a vision for their home to be a true reflection of their taste, but even with a vision in mind, nailing the perfect aesthetic can be tricky. Might taking a personality test help streamline the process?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a self-reported questionnaire that determines personality type from a set of 16 distinctive options. The results from the survey can help test takers and the people close to them better understand how a person perceives and digests the world around them (if you don’t already know your Myers-Briggs personality type, you can take the test here.) Find your unique combination of letters below to learn more about what specific home design style might appeal to you.


Myers Briggs: ISTJISTJ
ISTJs make up one of the largest personality types. Known for being logical and fair, people with this personality type tend to be as loyal as they are dedicated. ISTJs have a no-fuss mentality, and their homes can reflect that with minimalist-yet-functional home décor and the inclination to value quality over quantity. 

Myers Briggs: ISFJ

Thought to make up about 13 percent of the population, ISFJs are introverted and sensitive by nature. They’re good listeners, and they are intentional about forming deep connections with others. A home that promotes connection and conversation is a must for ISFJs, so furniture should be arranged in a way that allows conversation to naturally flow. 

Myers Briggs: INFJ

INFJs are quietly creative, so a home that inspires creativity is a high priority. This personality type is very intentional about the décor they bring into their home, but at times feels pulled between many different styles and has trouble making a decision. INFJs tend to favor eclectic, modern homes with furniture and décor that’s been curated and collected from travel and other inspirational experiences. 

Myers Briggs: INTJ

Making up only two percent of the population, INTJs have many of the same traits you might expect to see in an architect. Intentional, strategic, and mindful, INTJs love to figure out how to build new things or make old things better. A home with room to “play” is important for INTJs — as are dedicated spaces to allow for things like tinkering and self expression through art or music.

Myers Briggs: ISTP

ISTPs are naturally curious explorers who love getting their hands dirty. DIY projects are right up their alley, and their home should reflect that. ISTPs are unafraid of trying new things and often bounce from project to project, so their homes are often undergoing multiple projects at the same time. Think: man caves and she sheds, garage workspaces, gardens and flower beds, and craft rooms. 

Myers Briggs: ISFP

Creative by nature, ISFPs are unafraid of “breaking rules.” They find joy in the unexpected, and their homes reflect it. ISFPs shouldn’t be afraid to mix different design styles in their homes, since they tend to have an eye for design (and can trust their instincts). Others will admire them for it.

Myers Briggs: INFP

Always able to see the good in people and situations, INFPs are often perceived as shy or reserved — but once you get them talking, it’s easy to see their passions. Because they value strong personal connections, this personality type craves a home with the kitchen as the focal point. INFPs looking for a new home should consider those with open floor plans with the kitchen at the heart of the home. This allows INFPs to connect with their friends and family in a way that feels natural and welcoming.

Myers Briggs: INTP

INTPs make up only three percent of the population and are creative doers. Chances are, this personality type has done their fair share of research before tackling any home projects — and they tend to know what they like. INTPs should have a dedicated space that allows them to visualize home projects and make plans. Think: a well organized home office that allows for mapping things out, planning, and strategizing. 

Myers Briggs: ESTP

ESTPs are the life of the party, and their homes are just as fun. Designed for hosting and entertaining, the home of an ESTP tends to be a go-to gathering spot for friends and family. ESTPs should focus their attention on outdoor spaces to make even more room to socialize.

Myers Briggs: ESFP

Excited, passionate, and celebratory are just a few ways to describe an ESFP. They are fashionable and have an eye for design, so their homes are always aesthetically pleasing. ESFPs shouldn’t feel locked into one home design style, though. When the mood strikes to switch things up, go for it. Continuously curious and a willingness to try new ideas are what makes an ESFP. 

Myers Briggs: ENFP

ENFPs are free spirits who love connecting and learning about others’ opinions – but that doesn’t mean they can be easily swayed. They tend to be secure in who they are and what they believe, and their homes evoke a sense of understated confidence. ENFPs, don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines. Others admire your taste, so when you have an idea for a home project — go for it!

Myers Briggs: ENTP

ENTPs are life-long learners, always trying to gain knowledge in every aspect of life. They have big personalities, and their homes reflect that. Often taking the road less traveled, ENTPs love to stand out in a crowd — or at the very least, in a neighborhood. If you’re an ENTP and are shopping for a home, find the one that doesn’t look like the others. You’ll feel right at home!

Myers Briggs: ESTJ

ESTJs love structure and order, which is evident in the style of the homes they tend to choose. If you’re an ESTJ who’s looking for a new home, find one with plenty of storage. ESTJs love for their homes to be tidy and their belongings to be perfectly organized with everything in its own place. 

Myers Briggs: ESFJ

Making up 12 percent of the population, ESFJs have always been well-liked and popular. They enjoy socializing and hosting events and tend to be concerned with how others perceive them and their homes. ESFJs, challenge yourself to design a home you love — with or without the approval of others. The more you love your home, the more excited you’ll be to open it up. 

Myers Briggs: ENFJ

ENFJs are natural-born leaders, inspiring others through the stories they tell. It’s important to them that their homes tell a story, so they love a good gallery wall. ENFJs, focus on wall hangings that tell a story of the places you’ve been or the people you love most. Seeing the places and faces you love on a daily basis can help keep your spirits high and your passions ignited.

Myers Briggs: ENTJ
ENTJs are goal-setters who are focused and determined. They love the feeling they get when they accomplish something that they’ve worked hard for. Having a dedicated workspace in their homes is crucial, so a well designed home office will get lots of use in the home of an ENTJ.