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Thoughtful Guest Room Touches For Your Visitors

5 Thoughtful Guest Room Touches For Your Visitors

There are certain times of year when your guest room might get more visitors than usual — and the holidays are a great example. Without doing a major overhaul of your space, there are a few budget-friendly things you can do to make a big difference in your guest room. Here are five budget-friendly tips for thoughtful touches to your guest room that will help your guests feel right at home during their visit.

1. Invest In Cozy Linens
Sleep is likely the most important thing to your guests, so if you’re going to spend money on anything in your guest room, it should be the bed linens. You don’t have to buy designer sheets or comforters to make a big difference, though. By visiting a few discount home goods stores and reading online reviews, you can easily find nice, soft, and cozy bed linens with an affordable price tag.

2. Have Extra Toiletries On Hand
You don’t exactly have to have a fully stocked guest bathroom but having a few toiletries on hand — especially easily forgotten things like toothbrushes, shower essentials, and lotion — can make a big difference. (And chances are with the craziness of holiday travel, your guests will forget something!)

3. Write A Welcome Note
After a long day of travel, a nice note welcoming your guests to your home could be just what your company needs to make them feel more comfortable in a new home away from home.

4. Have Your Wi-Fi Password Handy
You can include your Wi-Fi details in the welcome note mentioned above, or a simple card with information on accessing your network can be a helpful touch that your company will likely appreciate.

5. Keep A Comfortable Temperature
Some rooms in your home might get more heat flow than others, so if your guest room tends to run warm, keep an extra fan in the room. If your guest room is on the chilly side, consider putting a small space heater in the room to keep guests warm and cozy.

With a few easy efforts before guests arrive, you can easily help your guest room feel more comfortable for company. Another bonus is that if you’re showing your home during the holiday season, sprucing up another room might just make your space more attractive!