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4 Creative Blank Wall Ideas to Fill Up Your Empty Space

Let it be known: We love art. But we also know it can be an investment, and for that reason, any piece of art you buy should be something that you really love. If you aren’t in a position to buy something right away but are tired of staring at empty space, we’re here to help. Here are four of our favorite blank wall ideas that could add some character to your home.

Blank Wall Idea #1: Rugs

Floor rugs serve a great purpose, but they’re often covered up by furniture. Hanging a rug that you love can be a great way to fill a large space while adding an element of interest. When going this route, it’s best to use a new (or very gently used rug), because any wear or tear will be on display (and more noticeable than it is on your floor).

Blank Wall Idea #2: Plates

Hanging plates is a great way to add some character to your home. Mismatch patterns, colors, and size for an eclectic look, or go with a more cohesive theme for a classic look. You can continue to add to the collection as you find new pieces. This is also great way to incorporate family heirlooms into your home décor.

Blank Wall Idea #3: Woven Bowls

Similarly to plates, a variety of bowls can make a big statement on a wall. If you choose bowls that are woven, they can add a great deal of texture to an otherwise smooth surface. Woven bowls tend to be a little easier to hang, too!

Blank Wall Idea #4: DIY

The wonderful thing about art is that it’s subjective. Painting a canvas with your family or friends is a great way to add personalization to your home. Just start with a few paint colors you like and experiment with brush strokes, layers, and texture for a DIY piece that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Filling all of your walls at once can be overwhelming, so start with just one wall. Experiment with it, and once you stop moving things around, you’ll know you love it. And who knows? You may end up loving your art alternative more than any old traditional piece of art! Here’s to letting your creative juices flow.