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Tricks to keep animals out of your garden

4 Tips To Keep Animals Out Of Your Garden

If you are a gardener, then you likely know the dedication and commitment it takes to grow fruits and vegetables. The last thing you want is to look out your window to admire your garden and see animals grazing for a snack! Regardless of what you’re growing, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite tips for keeping animals out of a garden.

1. Install a fence
It might seem obvious, but the best way to ensure that critters will quit munching on plants in your garden is to install a physical barrier around the perimeter. If you go the fence route, consider burying it a foot or so into the ground to discourage burrowing animals.

2. Cover your plants
If your garden is small, then covering your plants might be a good option. Adding plant covers can be as simple as purchasing garden fabric or creating small, chicken wire fences around your plants. If the plants in your garden are young, you can even use deer netting or bird netting to cover them.

3. Add sacrificial plants to your yard
If you know what type of critters or animals are getting into your garden, consider adding a plant they really like into the mix that might deter them from getting into your fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to add the sacrificial plant in a separate location of your yard.

4. Consider alternative methods
If you’re willing to learn by trial and error, there are endless alternative options for keeping critters out of your garden — egg shells, fox urine, cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, and even human hair. Just do a bit of research online to make sure whatever alternative method you choose is safe for your garden.

Here’s to hoping your garden flourishes and the neighborhood critters keep out!