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DIY Coffee Bar

4 Tips for Styling A DIY Coffee Bar

It’s been said that coffee bars are the new bar carts, and if you’re a coffee lover, then dedicating a space in your home to your coffee essentials might be right up your alley! Creating a DIY coffee bar is all about striking a balance of function and style, so we’ve rounded up 4 simple tips for styling a coffee bar that you can call your very own.

1. Start with function
To build your DIY coffee bar, begin by gathering up essentials like your coffee pot, coffee grounds, mugs, sweetener, stirrers, and creamer. Place your coffee pot first, then add the other essentials around it while making sure to leave space to add decorative items later.

2. Keep it organized
A tidy coffee bar is a beautiful coffee bar. Line up your mugs in an orderly fashion, and add trays, dishes, or canisters for other loose items. Making sure that items are contained will keep your DIY coffee bar from looking cluttered, dirty, or unorganized.

3. Incorporate elements of your style
This is the fun part: Adding decorative items to your coffee bar can give it personality. Consider incorporating fresh (or faux) flowers or plants, artwork, and even books.

4. Use the walls
Don’t limit yourself to the coffee bar; make sure you style extends to the area around the bar, too. Use the walls near your DIY coffee bar to hang pictures and prints that coordinate with your home’s color scheme.