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Home Renovation Advice From TV Shows

Home Renovation Tips From 5 Of Your Favorite TV Shows

Many of us love a good home improvement TV show marathon, and it’s easy to find tons of inspiration in a quick 30 minutes when you’re watching fast-paced professionals transform raw, messy construction sites to fully livable, well-designed homes. The reality, however, is that most of these TV shows have big budgets—and even bigger crews of people on hand to get jobs done fast.

If you’re looking to TV shows for home renovation tips, we recommend sticking to a realistic, budget-minded approach. Here are some of our favorite tips for home renovation projects that we’ve culled from TV shows, from Fixer Upper to Trading Spaces.

Fixer Upper

If you’ve watched Chip and Joanna Gaines undertake a top-to-bottom home renovation on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, then you know that the couple loves a farmhouse-style aesthetic with plenty of shiplap. One thing you can take away from Fixer Upper is to find a style of décor or design that speaks to you, embrace it wholeheartedly, and let it influence your home renovations—from planning to execution.

This Old House

An American classic, This Old House has aired for 40 years and holds the title of TV’s oldest home improvement show. It follows remodeling projects over the course of several phases and episodes, so one thing you can learn from This Old House is that planning is key. Whether you’re undertaking a quick, 3-day bathroom model, a 10-day kitchen remodel, or a total home renovation, be sure to do your homework, make a plan that includes a budget, and do your best to follow the rules you’ve outlined every step of the way.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

A show that truly tugs at the heartstrings and showcases facets of intentional design, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition typically features total home renovations that meet homeowners’ unique needs—whether they include features that make it easier to live with a disability or provide enough space to run a business from home. When you’re considering a home improvement project, really think about how you’ll use the space you’re upgrading. And let Extreme Makeover: Home Edition be your inspiration when it comes to choosing features, fixtures, and details that make sense for you and your loved ones who live there.

House Hunters

Who doesn’t love watching a prospective buyer weigh the pros and cons of several properties based on features and amenities, location, and, most importantly, a predetermined budget? Something to take away from House Hunters while you’re searching for home improvement tips: Consider the upgrades you want to make to your home, and then think about whether they could make (or break) a buyer’s interest in your home when you’re ready to sell. Read up on which home upgrades add the most value (and which home upgrades don’t pay off, too).

Trading Spaces

With this beloved, early 2000s home renovation show and most of its original cast set for a 2019 comeback, there’s no better time to revisit what exactly makes TLC’s Trading Spaces so inspiring (and bingeworthy). The show features neighbors redecorating rooms of each other’s homes with the help of a designer and carpenter, and while this might be an unlikely real-life scenario, a home renovation tip you can borrow from Trading Spaces is to know when to lean on the expertise of a professional. From electricians and plumbers to contractors and interior designers, if you find that lack the skill set to tackle any piece of your home renovation, ask an expert.

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