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5 Creative Ways to Hide Clutter

5 Creative Ways to Hide Clutter

Owning a home comes with its fair share of design challenges – and hiding unsightly things like cords and electronics is part of it. Especially if you have plans to sell your home, it could be even more important to disguise items that might distract buyers from the real beauty of your home. Here are 5 creative ways to hide clutter that you can use in your house.

When it comes to hiding items in a decorative fashion, meet your new best friend: baskets. It might seem obvious, but baskets really can be used to hide everything from cords to Wi-Fi routers (and beyond). If the basket has a lid, it could serve you even better. If it doesn’t have a lid, it can still be an effective solution. Simply toss a decorative blanket or two on the basket in a manner that hides the unsightly items while giving the appearance that the basket is simply storage for blankets. 

Cord Covers
Do you have a sconce or light fixture that requires a cord that runs down your wall to the nearest outlet? A cord cover might be a good solution for you. The trick to camouflaging cord covers is to paint them the same color as your walls. If the light fixture is more decorative than functional, consider employing the Internet’s favorite “magic light trick,” from popular home décor blog “Nesting with Grace.”

Though it can be an investment, built-in cabinets can serve as a great solution for hiding appliances, toys, and other home necessities. If you’re looking to add built-ins or buy a piece of furniture that serves as additional storage, consider pieces with doors and drawers. This allows for your items to be even more concealed.

Multi-Functional Furniture
There’s no way around it — dog crates and litter boxes are ugly. If you have pets, multi-functional furniture could be a good solution for you when it comes to creative ways to hide clutter. If you’re looking to hide a dog crate, consider a piece of furniture that appears to be an end table but offers space below for your dog to sleep. There are also options for pieces of furniture that conceal unsightly litter boxes.

Kitty Doors
You’ve likely heard of doggy doors, but have you ever heard of a kitty door? It’s essentially the same thing, though typically found installed on an interior door to a closet or area where the litter box is stored. If used on an existing door, installing a kitty door allows you to close the door of a closet and hide the litter box from guests and potential buyers. If you have an interior wall that separates your house from the garage, you can even use a kitty door to cut out a spot in your wall and secure a crate on the other side of the wall (in the garage) where you can store the litter box. Storing the litter box inside a crate ensures that your cats won’t escape if the garage door opens.