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Creative Ways To Use Paint To Transform A Room

Creative Ways To Use Paint To Transform A Room

Looking for a cost-effective, simple, and quick way to transform a space? At this moment in time when wallpaper and textured walls are trending on Pinterest and Instagram, dare to be a little different and think paint — it doesn’t have to be boring! Here are five creative methods for applying paint to your walls at home.

1. Color Wash
Using paint to color wash your walls is an easy way to add depth and texture to a space. As no two parts of a color-washed wall are exactly the same, this method can give the impression of older walls that overflow with character and uniqueness. (For a four-step guide to color-washing, check out this guide from DIY Network.)

2. Ombré
Ombré doesn’t have to be limited to hair and clothing; you can paint your walls in an ombré fashion, too! Generally using three colors, an ombré wall transitions from a darker color at the bottom to a medium color in the middle and a lighter color at the top.

3. Stencil
If you love the look of wallpaper, a stenciled wall might be a great painting method for you! Using a stencil of your choice, you can create the same uniform look of wallpaper in a less permanent way by sticking to a pattern of equal spacing between stencils.

 4. Color Block
Another painting method borrowed from fashion, color blocking creates a bold, statement wall ideal for spaces that otherwise lack color or patterned design. Using painters’ tape, this method is simple but interesting.

5. Designs With Tape
Speaking of painters’ tape – the options for walls are limitless. Create an abstract or geometric design unique to your space. Add stripes to an otherwise plain wall. Or get really creative with the use of painters’ tape by tearing a strip of tape in half, creating a straight line on top and an uneven tear on bottom. Let your imagination run wild!

With these simple suggestions, you’ll on your way to creating beautifully interesting walls with paint.