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5 Tips for Selling Your House with a Baby at Home

Having a new baby at home can make schedules a little more hectic than usually, especially if you also happen to be selling your house! Mr. Cooper is here to help with these five tips for selling a house with a baby at home.

1. Communicate With Your Realtor
First and foremost, open communication with your realtor is essential. If you have times of day or days of the week that work best for showing your house, make sure your realtor knows. They might not always be able to accommodate your wishes, but other realtors and home buyers will understand your situation — especially if they have children.

2. Secure Help With Childcare
If you can get someone to help with your baby when your house goes on the market and you have lots of showings, you might feel less stressed. Look for Parents’ Day Out programs in your community or reliable babysitters who offer child care in their home versus yours, as options like these could free up your house for showings during the day — especially if you and your spouse work during those hours.

3. Have A Change-Of-Location Plan In Place
While most showings are over relatively quickly, having a predetermined list of nearby spots where you can wait out your showing with baby could help make things smoother — especially if a showing falls during nap time.

4. Keep A Bag Of Necessities
Since homeowners aren’t always given much notice before a showing, it can be helpful to have a bag of necessities for you and baby packed and ready to go. Anything your baby might need should be in this bag: a few changes of clothes, bottles, formula or food, pacifiers, small toys, diapers, and wipes. You might consider throwing in an extra change of clothes for yourself, just in case something messy happens and you can’t get home right away.

5. Keep An Empty Basket Around For Quick Pick-Ups
This simple tip is a helpful one for anyone who is selling a home, but is especially helpful for those with new babies. It’s inevitable that any home with a baby has miscellaneous items like burp cloths, stuffed animals, pacifiers, toys, and blankets strewn around. Use an empty basket to contain these miscellaneous baby items, and then stash it in a closet. In the few minutes before a showing, you likely don’t have time to put things away in their proper location, so this temporary solution could save you time and help your home look tidy.