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Home office design ideas

Home Office Design Ideas You’ll Love

As the number of Americans working from home continues to rise, no longer is the home office just a place to stash unopened mail and old paperwork. According to a recent report by Flexjobs, 2.9 percent of the total U.S. workforce works from home at least half of the time (up 115 percent since 2005). If you are a part of this growing trend, here are few home office design ideas to consider when creating a workspace that is equal parts functional and inspiring.

Invest In The Essentials You’re Used To

When looking for office design ideas that promote productivity, think about the things you relied on when working in a traditional office space. If your job requires brainstorming and creative thinking, invest in a glass dry erase board that gives you the space to sketch and imagine that’s more modern than the average white board. If you take a lot of phone calls, consider adding a landline to ensure that your reception is clear and to keep work calls separate from personal calls. If you’re most comfortable working on dual screens in an office environment, invest in a second monitor for your home office.

Home Office Organization Is Key

It’s difficult to feel inspired or productive in a space that’s overflowing with paperwork, office supplies, or messy cords. Keep your home office tidy by designating a small cabinet or box for paperwork and creating a system for cords. If your desk is arranged against a wall, organizing your cords may be as easy as picking up a few cable ties. If your desk is in the center of your space, you may need a basket with a lid to disguise your cords. (One of our favorite office design ideas is to use a wicker basket to thread cords through without drilling a hole.)

Use Home Office Design To Create Inspiring Spaces

Home offices are a great space to showcase a gallery wall that’s overflowing with creativity and inspiration. As with any gallery wall, using a variety of elements with different textures and sizes creates an interesting look. For a gallery wall that inspires you, think bold colors, favorite photographs, and inspirational quotes.

Choose Home Office Design That Sets The Mood

One of the biggest benefits to working from your home and not a corporate office is that the space can truly feel “homey.” When thinking about home office design, keep design principles like great lighting and inviting, open furniture arrangements that can set a warm, inviting mood that incorporates lamps, scented candles, and house plants.

Your home office shouldn’t feel like a place you have to go. Thinking smartly about home office design and creating a space where you’ll actually want to spend your time is simple, and it only requires a little bit of thought and planning. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to creating the home office of your dreams (or at least a space that will prevent you from wanting to work from the couch)!

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