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Mr. Cooper celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Cooper Culture: Celebrating Diversity Every Month

At Mr. Cooper, we’re committed to celebrating the diversity and culture of our company at every level. You might’ve seen us celebrating Women’s History Month with members of our Women’s Network resource team and learning from the wise female leadership that drives and motivates our business at all levels.

“In so many ways, our journey to be Mr. Cooper is a parallel journey to a more diverse and inclusive work place — it’s all heading in the same direction,” says Dana Dillard, executive vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility for Mr. Cooper.

“We know that when we have happy employees, we have happy customers, and to have a work environment where people can be themselves and get to meet others across all groups that they have something in common with has been huge in our employee satisfaction. Creating community and relationships and valuing everyone’s point of view helps us recruit great talent and keep great talent, because we know [other companies] will be unable to match our culture and commitment to continuing the diversity and inclusion dialogue. We still have a long way to go, but I’m proud of our accomplishments in year one!”

Soon we’ll speak with members of our Cooper Veterans & Patriots group in honor of Memorial Day and celebrate LGBT Pride Month with Cooper Pride members — and these are just a few of the first diversity and inclusion stories you’ll see on Cooper’s Corner as part of our mission to tell more stories about our team.

“The thing that I love about the resource groups is that it has all been organic; people come to us with their ideas on different groups and then we measure to see if the interest is there,” Dillard says. “It’s been wonderful to see our employees engaged in so many activities both in and out of the office. The goal is to positively impact the Cooper community, as well as the communities in which we live.”

Keep an eye on Cooper’s Corner for our new series, called Cooper Culture, and get excited to meet more of our resource team members and keep celebrating the diversity that makes our company great. To learn more about each of Mr. Cooper’s Diversity & Inclusion resource groups, read the mission statements below.

  • AIM (Asians in Motion): Serves to celebrate the dynamic people and voices of the Asian American community within Mr. Cooper by providing a valuable career network, promoting cultural education and awareness, and engaging in community outreach endeavors. 
  • Cooper Pride: Supports, develops, and empowers fellow employees, including those who identify with the LGBTQ community while welcoming all employees regardless of sexual identification or gender.
  • Cooper Veterans & Patriots: Serves as the legitimate resource and focal point for team members and veterans at Mr. Cooper on veteran initiatives, communications, and more.
  • HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Leadership & Achievement): Advances the leadership qualities of its Cooper members by focusing on community outreach, integrates opportunities to grow and develop leadership skills, and inspires members to succeed both individually and as a group.
  • Interfaith Coopers: Helps incorporate faith and a sense of spirituality within the work life of fellow Coopers by providing resources for faith and workplace integration, promoting faith education and understanding, and engaging in community outreach endeavors.
  • NAAC (Network of African American Coopers): An all-inclusive union that bonds African-American professionals at Mr. Cooper by emphasizing career development and retention of African-American professionals while highlighting cultural awareness amongst all Coopers. 
  • The Women’s Network: Supports, develops, and connects women within the Mr. Cooper and our larger community.
  • Diversity Champions of Longview: Works to improve the representation of all groups of people in all levels of Mr. Cooper, to bring an all-inclusive working environment, and promote differences within every colleague. Greatness comes from everyone!
  • Diversity Champions of Denver: Supporting Mr. Cooper’s mission in creating a culture that values individuals and what they uniquely bring to work every day.
  • Diversity Champions of Chandler: Supports, develops, and empowers members of the Cooper community, including any and all people no matter their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identification, age, culture, or abilities.
  • Coming Soon: Diversity Champions of Irvine