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7 Home Office Supplies That Will Take Your Space to the Next Level

Is your home office in need of some TLC? Whether you run a business from home or use your office for personal projects, creating a functional and inviting space can make your work hours happier and more productive. Luckily, upgrading your home office doesn’t have to involve a major overhaul. Here are ten home office supplies upgrades you can start collecting right now to start building your ideal workspace.

Home Office Supplies Upgrade #1: A Stand-Up Desk

Having an option to stand for at least part of the day is a healthy choice for those of us who have to work at a desk for eight-plus hours per day. Studies have linked excessive sitting with a host of health issues, including type-two diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. And the market has followed with a variety of stand-up options that range in price.

Home Office Supplies Upgrade #2: Something Green

Adding a plant to your home office brings a bit of the outdoors inside, creating a homier and more serene atmosphere. When choosing what to bring in, be aware of the natural light available in your office and how much you’re willing to water it. There are plenty of indoor plants that don’t require too much sunlight or water. And if you’re really looking for something low-maintenance, succulents are a great choice.

Home Office Supplies Upgrade #3: A Nice Rug

If you’re looking to instantly elevate the design of your home office, a beautiful rug will do the trick. A colorful rug can create a focal point for the eye while a more neutral option can add texture and make your space look more cohesive. Just make sure the type of rug you purchase can accommodate any type of rolling chair or desk you might have.

Home Office Supplies Upgrade #4: Cable Ties

Good-looking home offices don’t have fewer cables than others — they just hide them better. Most functional desk set-ups require a lot of cables these days. Chargers, monitors, keyboards, mice, external hard drives… they add up. To keep your workspace from looking like the inside of a switchboard, use Velcro cable ties to keep everything bundled together and out of the way. They accommodate a variety of cable sizes and are easy to move around and reuse.

Home Office Supplies Upgrade #5: A Comfortable Chair

If you’re twisting yourself into all sorts of odd positions just to keep your office chair comfortable throughout the day, consider a more ergonomically-sound option. You should be sitting upright and eye-level to your computer screen with your feet resting firmly on the floor (or a footrest if you’re on the shorter side). Sitting in the correct position may feel a little unnatural at first, but you’ll realize the benefit as soon as you work a full day without getting stiff muscles or feeling like you have to constantly adjust.

Home Office Supplies Upgrade #6: Functional + Stylish Storage

Have a designated place for almost everything in your office is the trick to keeping a clean, well-organized space—bonus points if your storage solutions look nice. Place the items you need regular access to on shelves and in bins which are easily accessible. Also, use well-labeled magazine files or more stylish file cabinets to wrangle your papers and accommodate your needs.

Home Office Supplies Upgrade #7: Better Lighting

Improving the lighting in your home office is another simple way to transform your space. Adding a few well-placed lamps with higher-watt bulbs will not only warm up the room, but also make reading print and looking at your computer screen much easier on your eyes—especially toward the end of a long workday. Consider adding both a floor lamp for good general lighting and a desk lamp for more focused lighting.