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Getting the Most out of your Mr. Cooper Home Loan

At Mr. Cooper, we’ve changed a lot more than just our name. We’re changing the way we do business by putting people first. Check out this video to learn more about everything we’re doing to make Mr. Cooper a company you’ll love.

We’re keeping things simple, focusing on solutions and putting customers first. To help you get the most out of your home loan and keep the dream of homeownership alive, below are a few things we think you’ll find helpful on your journey to homeownership.


100% U.S. Based Customer Call Centers

We heard from customers that speaking with a U.S. based customer service representative would be helpful. So we’ve moved all our customer service centers stateside. When you call us, you can count on speaking with someone who can relate to you and where you’re coming from.


No Online Transaction Fees

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for doing what’s convenient for you. So when you make a payment online and on-time, it’s free. To start taking advantage of free online payments, sign up for an online account here.


Home Rewards Card

We have introduced a Mr. Cooper Home Rewards Card to help you put a little extra towards the principal balance of your home loan. You can earn 1% rewards on most purchases and then the rewards are applied to your mortgage principal balance. Find out how to start paying a little extra on your mortgage, the easy way.


Street Smarts from Mr. Cooper

Let our digital home loan advisor provide custom insights on your home loan, home and neighborhood. These tools give you personalized data, including credit scores, tailored equity analysis, custom pay down options and more! Check out this video to learn more.


Mortgage Calculators

Mr. Cooper offers a variety of helpful calculators so you can better understand the numbers and make great decisions. We have everything from a refinance calculator to payoff to loan amount.


Set It and Forget It with Autopay

We know life gets busy. That’s why at Mr. Cooper we offer AutoPay so you can easily stay on top of your monthly mortgage payments. All you need to do is let us know which day of the month you want your account debited and for how much. We’ll take care of the rest. No more worrying about “did I or didn’t I?” each month. With AutoPay, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your home loan will be paid on time. Sign up today.


Access Important Home Loan Info 24/7

At Mr. Cooper, we believe in convenience. And what’s more convenient than having instant access to your most important home loan documents? Go paperless and we’ll notify you via email when a new statement or tax document becomes available. Documents are stored in your online account. Need to print a document, no worries. Sign in today to sign up for paperless.


Manage Your Home Loan from Anywhere, Anytime

Have you tried our free mobile app? Download it today and start flexing that index finger. Tap to schedule a payment, view home listings or see what’s happening in your neighborhood. There’s so much good stuff in this app and it’s FREE!


Like what you see here? Start getting more out of your home loan by registering for your online account. It’s easy-peasy. Simply go to mrcooper.com to create a username and password. Already have an online account? Nice job! Just sign in today to access these helpful services. If you want to know even more about how you can get the most out of your Mr. Cooper home loan, visit mrcooper.com/support. Or give us a call at 888-480-2432.